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It has been about a month since Deliveroo started delivering food in Mechelen as well and it definitely changed my way of eating. Much more varied than before, this because I'm not a good grocery shopper at all and I always end up taking a little bit of everything, too much to eat alone and quite often I go for the same dishes over and over again. Thanks to Deliveroo I'm now also eating dishes I would otherwise only have at a restaurant. 

As promised I'm sharing every month the orders I had and how they were. So for now I'm sharing the month of July with you and if you missed the ones from June, click here.

1. Dinner at 'Al Parma': It's the picture on the top of the post and the last dinner I had for the month of July with Deliveroo. This is one of the best lamb chops I've ever had. Or 'Costine d'Agnello' as they call it on their menu cart. I'm also such a fan of scallops so I took one as a side dish. There was a delay though on the delivery, but after chatting with Deliveroo on the app, they resolved the problem within a couple of minutes. A more than deserved 10/10 for their costumers service and a 8/10 for this dinner.

In total I paid €30,50.

2. Dinner at 'Cafe Belge': I tried to order here once before, but they were about to close. So now I managed to get a dinner from Cafe Belge! Hooray. I choose the grilled fish pan with mashed potatoes and some croquettes as extra as I just love croquettes (also filled with shrimps or cheese!). The mashed potatoes weren't really how I like them, however it's a personal thing. The fish itself could've have some more grilled cheese on it if you ask me. But overall very delicious! 

A 7.5/10 for Cafe Belge and their grilled fish pan. The total was €27,50.

3. Dinner at 'Carlton': Nothing better than a typical Belgian beef stew made with Grimbergen beer and some French fries. I'm sorry mom that I have to say this; but I loved this one more. Oké, she's probably going to be mad at me now but it's just the truth. I even hesitated to order a second round after finishing it, haha! 

It wasn't the first time I ordered at Carlton. In June it was the goat cheese salad for lunch and rated it with a 9/10. Well this beef stew receives a 9.5/10 from me this time! 

4. Brunch with 'Le Pain Quotidien': I ordered two times a breakfast brunch at LPQ this month. Both times the same menu's but there was such a difference in food. The first time I ordered I got different types of bread, fresh orange juice, salad, warm coffee and well presented plates. The last time, the order on this picture, it was totally different. The croissants were all smashed, the crumble was almost all fallen off, the bread was hard, no different types and no salad was delivered either. Also the orange juice came from a bottle (branded) and wasn't freshly made. I totally don't understand why there can be such a different in two same orders. 

The thing is that we really miss extra breakfast or brunch options from Deliveroo in Mechelen. So I hope they add some to their app soon. Like Foom, Sister Bean, Noen and many more that are so delicious! But I won't give up LPQ and I will try in August an extra time to see how they deliver it now. I keep you up to date about it! An 8/10 for the first delivery but unfortunately a 5/10 for the second round. The total was €42,00 for two persons.

This post has been made in collaboration with Deliveroo BE

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