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Do you know the struggle of online shopping? Putting loads of items in your cart, hoping for a miracle to happen so you can buy all the items on your wishlist? Or call it 'online window shopping'. Quite the same but still as painful as walking by a store you love without being able to buy everything you like. I face this struggle every single week (blame it on the store APPS) and there will always be something added to my wishlist or to my cart. At the end of the month I'm also always hoping it will still be in stock by the day I can actually purchase it. Haha! Such a struggle... #dontblameme

I had the same with these buckled boots from Sacha. They've been in my shopping cart for a couple of weeks and was hoping each day that they would still be in stock. And they were! So I called it kind of my 'meant-to-be' pair of shoes and I couldn't wait to get them. I also have the buckled boots in white and they're so comfortable that I absolutely needed the black ones. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys items in different colors if they're comfortable, haha. 

So let's talk a little bit more about the boots. Aren't they awesome? They perfectly match my minimalistic style with a touch of rock-vibes. I'm so in love with them! And after checking the Sacha webshop today I found other boots I really loved, so my cart is full again. Do you actually have any boots in your cart? Maybe I can help you a little bit by giving you a direct link to the most amazing boots Sacha has in their collection! Sorry not sorry for making you broke. Their current collection is just sooo 'matchy' with my own style that I can't resist! And be honest; there's nothing more satisfying than a brand that fits your personality, isn't it?

For the rest of the week I don't have specific plans. February was quite busy and so was January. Therefor I'm taking a little break from all the craziness and I will be enjoying some days off. Talk to you later loves! And uhh, don't forget to get these awesome boots!

(Zara coat // Pinko Love Bag // COS sweater // H&M Jeans // Sacha shoes)

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