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Lagos, my first trip of June, was a short but great citytrip. It was next to Lisbon the second time that I went to Portugal and I have to say that it inspired me to discover more!  And even if I love to travel, packing my bags is a struggle over and over again. It feels like I have nothing to wear, that it's never adapted to the destination and I'm mostly taking basics with me to make sure I have enough options to combine items. 

One of the basics I took with my this time were my new black espadrilles from TORFS. They can be combined with a lot of styled and the box gives it a girly and fun touch. They were also comfortable to walk in so I couldn't ask for more. 

I'm sure you have your favorite travel basics as well. So share them with me! And if you're still looking for a great pair of summer shoes: take a look at the Torfs Webshop! I will definitely keep you posted of my upcoming trips. #seeyoulater

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