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A new month means new clothes...
At the end of each month, I start to create my new wishlist with the items I would like to add to my closet during the next month. I go back to the webshops I've been looking at before and it's time to make a new selection. Most of the time my list is too long to be realistic and I need to make some difficult decision. I want those new shoes so badly, but a lovely long coat during the winter is also very nice, isn't it? Unfortunately the shopping budget doesn't allow both, so cut cut! I guess it's a typical thing you do before payday, isn't it?
This time October was quite long and with my new Givenchy, it didn't give me a lot of marge to buy other items. So the month november will be less expensive. Time to invist in new winter basics and items I will wear a lot/need. Yes, need. 'Cause my black ankle boots had their best time and I'm still looking for some nice tops...

What's on your wishlist for the month November?
The first two items (on the top of the post) are from Zara. The other 5 are from Asos.


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