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They never said it...
There he is: number 5 of the tattoo-family. I started more than two years ago with my first one; a bird flying away and discovering the freedom. It was the first and biggest tattoo 'till a couple of weeks ago. Later on I had my name tattooed on my right wrist in Arabic, my heartbeat with some words in between on my ribs (next to my heart), and the recent one was a flower on my left wrist. 

When I started the first tattoo and they said that it was going to be an addiction, I never thought it would be so addictive. They never said it was going to be that way. However I didn't believe them, I started too when I went for my second one after a couple of months and having 4 new ones in only two years. 

The last one, placed on the 29th of november, was the one I've always been dreaming of: my sleeve. 
Or at least: the start of it. For me placing a tattoo isn't only about the design, but also about the personal meaning of placing one. Every single tatoo on my body has a significance. Also the process of placing the tattoo is so great to watch. And believe me; when you're sitting there for 2hours with your music, taking pictures is a little bit a way of killing time. But however this has nothing to do with traveling or my fashion posts, I thought it would be nice to share this with you. A personal post was something new to share on this blog project and later on I will make a post about all 5 of them.

I'm wondering about you, my readers, how you think about tatoos? Do you have some yourself? 
Oh and by the way: my dad still doesn't know anything about this new one. 
I'm wondering if he will read this post and scream at me after reading it. Hello daddy! 

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  1. Ziet er heel gaaf uit. Ik heb zelf sinds een poosje het woordje "live" op mijn rib staan (hele verhaal erachter staat op mn site) en ja dit is niet de laatste. Daarentegen ben ik zelf minder van de grote tattoos en meer van de kleintjes met de grote betekenissen ;) Wel kan ik het bij anderen erg mooi vinden! xx


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    1. Talk again when you see the result when it's finished. #younegativeperson


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