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Trying something new and different...
Blogging is not only a passion which I spend my time on after work, it's has also been (almost for 6years) a personal learning process about style and finding my own matching pieces to be 'unique'. We can all copy all the trends straight from the catwalk or buy every 'trend-related' item in store. But if it doesn't fit your personality, it will never give the right message to the world.

Therefor I started to clean out my closet since two years. Little by little I started to get rid of the pieces that didn't fit me, or my style, for 100% and kept only the strong pieces that represent my personal character. What was left? Black, white, grey and camel. Simple, minimalistic and very basic. Quite good for a couple of months but it started to get boring, especially now that Spring has arrived. I wanted more special items and more color in my closet. And even though it's not easy to find items that match my style, I'm trying to get out of my comfortzone and to buy (once a month) a 'more special item' to update my looks and style. 
Is it working? Not yet. I still have the tendency to go straight to the black and white items. But this H&M Trend jacket is a good start, isn't it?

(H&M Trend jacket // Zara ripped skinny jeans and heels // Proenza Schouler croosbody bag)

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  1. It is! The look is perfect, now spring only has to arrive ;)

    x Claude


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