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Those musthave accessories
In each home and interior you will find some accessories that can't be missed when you decorate the room. From vases to statues, candles and decorated boxes. We all have them somewhere and they're all adapted to our personal style. 

While the rooms on the first and second floor (bedroom, bathroom, workspace and dressing) are almost finished, I'm starting to look at more accessories to decorate the rooms with. The dressing is almost complete, as you could read in previous post, and the bedroom is as well. The bathroom and workspace are still remaining. But it doesn't hold me back from looking forward to the decorating part. 

This blanket from Kate&Kate is a perfect example of some of the accessories that can't be missed in my interior. While watching a movie or reading a book, I love have a small blanket over my legs to keep it cosy and warm. You got to love the evenings at home with a cup of tea...


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