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Taking care of your face skin...
The morning and evening rituals, such as using night cream before going to bed or putting some daycream up each morning, are one of the most important things I do every day. And as we all have our own ritual and favorite brand for these products: I'm sharing you my experience with the &Other Stories beauty line

It has been a year now since I'm using those creams. The products I have from the &Other Storie 'Face Care'-line are 3different ones, each specific for one treatment:
1. Chiffon Day Cream: I use this one every morning after cleaning my face and before using make-up. 
It gives you an instant fresh feeling, wakes you up and helps to give you a natural look by keeping the skin hydrated. 
2. Organza Eye Cream: The best cream I've ever tested and used. The dark circles under my eyes where immediately lighter! At the same time my skin around the eyes was quite often dry and sensitive. This creams hydrates it, gives it a fresh feeling in the morning (also before putting on your make-up) and helps preventing fine lines in the delicate eye area. A must have!
3. Gauzy Night Cream: A cream that I use every evening before going to bed. After cleaning my face I use a little bit of the Night cream. It helps to nourish your skin while you sleep and to hydrate it. And for me personally it gives a very relaxed feeling with helps to sleep good.

What kind of beauty products are you using? And feel free to share the brands to discover them! 

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  1. Good to hear that &other stories skincare is a winner! I would never be attracted to these products since they are sold in the setting of a clothing shop. I'm a big fan of the packaging though! Very sleek and clean :) Might try that eye cream in the future!

  2. Great blog post and really helpful...... and your blog are very interesting and inspiring.

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