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A couple of years ago I wasn't thinking or interested in beauty at all and really 'sucked' in taking care of my skin. Untill some of my colleague bloggers told me facts about a good skin care and it made me think a bit more. Since than I've been searching for some products that fit my skin type and which actually really work. After a long search I'm addicted to the face products from &Other Stories and using it for about two years now. It's impossible to skip a day and not using them as you will feel immediately the difference again.

First of all I use the Organza eye cream that gives a fresh feeling in the morning before applying your make up and which fade away your dark circles when you use it every day. Yes it does! #believeme 

After applying the eye cream I use their day cream for normal skin type. And at night after cleaning my face I apply their night cream. It relaxes at the same time and it takes care of the skin at night. You wake up with a fresh feeling and you're so ready for the day. 

&Other Stories has a large assortment of beauty and skin care. So I'm sure you will also find something that fits your skin type and which will work for you as good as it does for me.

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