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Goodmorning world! Or actually good afternoon. I woke up quite late and enjoyed extra time in bed. Just rolling around in my blanket and falling asleep over and over again: that's what a real sunday is for. So I just got breakfast and I'm ready for the day. On the planning? Cleaning my closet, rooms and uploading new items in my sales album on Facebook. Normally I update it on Tictail, but it sells much faster on Facebook. Feel free to take a look.

Why the title 'From four to zero'? I'm currently working my last seven days before my holidays are starting! The zero will be for friday as I'm leaving to Greece that day and I really can't wait. All the summer stuff (swimwear, beach items,...) are ready to be packed and I just want to shop everything on ASOS to have the perfect outfits with me. 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@CINDYVANDYCK) and Snapchat (@THEAFTERWORKBLO) to follow my journey over there! #socialmedia

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