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This is it... I can finally reveal my own little project and dream I've been thinking of since the renovations started two years ago. And ofcourse because of the home project on the blog as well.

In several posts I already mentioned the love and passion I have for interior and the idea of doing something with it became bigger every single month. And maybe 2017 didn't start as I planned to, because of the burnout, I still want to bring something good in this first month as well. So why not starting with putting my ideas together and creating the project I've always wanted to have?

Probably being home for 10days helped me to get it finally done. 'Cause yes I'm laying in my couch or bed, watching movies and TLC or MTV for hours, but I still want to be productive during the moments I feel my body can handle it. Even if it's only for 30minutes, they are 30minutes closer to my goal and new dream. But what is it exactly?

The new project called 'Start Living Interior' is not only a blog where you will find ideas and inspirational pictures of places. It's also me finally working in the interior world. I enjoyed decorating my house so much after the renovations or during the holidays that I would love to do these kind of things on free days beside my job. Ofcourse, once I'm all better. But for now it is a great step into a future I've been dreaming of for two years now. Or maybe installing your dressing room you've been wishing for? Or what about your office? So many options, so many projects that can be realised... You name it, we make it come true.

But, but, but! I'm not leaving The After Work Blog aside. This blog will stay ofcourse with a focus on fashion and beauty, while Start Living Interior will be about - duh - Interior and more lifestyle. I would like to keep the subjects a bit more seperated to keep everything clear and clean for my readers.

That means, a special Facebook page and Instagram as well! May I kindly - pretty please - invite you do discover and support the new social medias? Only ofcourse if you feel related to these worlds, or if you want to support me for a 100%, that's pretty perfect. And if you're open to help me with my new dream, shoot! I really can't wait to start in the Interior world. But first a massage for my shoulders please?

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