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With both of my parents I have a very strong relationship. We've always been able to talk about everything, laugh together about the most stupid things and we've been the strongest support to eachother during all the difficult times. Especially with my mom as she's my personal blog photographer since the beginning in 2009 and she's one of my best friends. The relationship with my dad became stronger the last few years as we did a lot of projects together such as renovation my home and those kind of big projects do bring you closer together. Not that we weren't as I've always been daddy's little girl, but probably the fact that he made me fail my English test back in school made me doubt about his talents, haha! Sorry dad, you know I'm joking. Maybe you can't follow now so shortly the story; he helped me one day (with all the proudness in him) with a task for English as I always struggled with languages at school. He made my home work and assured me it was correct. Yeah, right. I ended up having 30-40%. Since than I'm always double checking what he's doing! But even my grand mother always told me that I said 'My dad is the best in the world!' when I was a little kid and he still is the best. He can fix every little thing, he's the sweetest man on earth and even though he upset me a lot of times during my teenage years, I will always love him more and more every single day. Ofcourse my mom as well!

I'm aware to be truly blessed with my parents. The support and chances they gave me in life are more than I could ever wish for. Every new step and chapter in life they have been behind me to make it a success, during the months home due to my disease they've been at my home every other day to make sure I was okay and even through my horrible and stubborn days (cause hell yes I have those). Sorry for that mom and dad, but I'm sure I got it from both of you, haha! Talking about that, I'm truly a mix of both. Not typically resembling to my mom or dad, it's a 50/50 mix. My eyes, skin color, body shape and character is from my mom. That Spanish temperature can't be ignored and I get tanned as soon as the first sun rays are coming out. The mouth, nose, length, low humor and independence is from my dad's side. Why low humor? Those who know me well know what I'm talking about...

And as I'm a true 'daddy's little girl' I spoiled him, thanks to Rituals, with some beauty products. The package? Shaving cream, face scrub & wash, shower gel and deodorant. Just as I am a huge fan of their cosmetic, he's as well. The top two favorites of dad are the deodorant and shaving cream as shown in the picture here below. And look at him smiling while holding them. Cutie! But I'm not only spoiling my dad, I also want to give your dad or the dad of your kids the opportunity to discover the Rituals Cosmetics products for Father's Day. You can enter the giveaway on Instagram by clicking here. Good luck to all!

This post has been made in collaboration with Rituals Cosmetics

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