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Attention MAC Cosmetics lovers! There's a new place in Antwerp where you can shop your favorite lipsticks, foundations and pretty eye shadows. Since Friday the 26th of May, MAC opened their corner at the INNO GALERIA. Yes, in the middle of the big shopping street 'MEIR', which I'm sure you all know well.

When you enter the Gallery through the main entrance, just in front of the Zara Home store, you'll immediately notice the corner at your right. The black furniture is popping out from the other stands, the clean lipstick and foundation presentations are immediately attracting you and for me the big smile on the Make up artists faces were the best. You see that they're happy with the store themselves and they help you with pleasure. I immediately had a warm welcome and couldn't wait for my one hour make up session.

As you all know I'm a MAC fan by heart and I could die for it, like seriously. It started about 3/4years ago with a simple lipstick and now in 2017 I'm having a whole stand filled with over 50lipsticks from MAC and the Retro Matte glosses are all in my possession as well. Addicted? Nah. Haha! Also my foundation and powders are from MAC and I can't go out of the house without having a matching lip color on.

For those who were following my stories on Instagram yesterday, you know which look we created. For those who didn't see it yet: I will post it on the blog later. It will be in the Festival theme for the 'Festival Guide Belgium' and I can't wait to show you the make up look.

So if you're in Antwerp shopping, make sure you pass by. For the PRO store you can still go to Schrijnwerkersstraat, but at the Gallery you can find all the other products as well.

Thank you MAC for having me!

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