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My style might be more minimalism or black and white with an eye catching print of shade, but when it comes to art I love vibrant poppin colors. You could probably already see that in my interior. Every room has a special color that stands out and last year I've added some extra frames to the walls. But I discovered an artist that I really like and I can't wait to tell you more about it.

During my first visit at the Maasmechelen Outlet Village I saw some walls of the stores being painted in different colors. The shapes of the work, done by artist OLI-B, are abstract and figurative but yet well balanced with all the different shades he's using to fill it in. Not only the walls are having a touch of his work, also some stickers were placed on the pillars in the shopping streets and at the entrance you find a huge 'tree' as I call it. I fell in love immediately! Especially because of the mix of vibrant colors which gives the village an exotic and a vivid atmosphere and for a second I felt in Barcelona. The city in Spain also has some amazing street art and that's why I got that throwback moment while walking around. Even though the sun is not shining as bright as there. But that's a little detail...

For the official launch of his work we went to the opening of his pop up store at the Village itself. You can find exclusive pieces (bow ties, sweaters, shirts,...) made for the store, all made in Belgium and with high quality prints. The best part of that was that I had the opportunity to interview Oli-B so I could tell you more about the artist and his work:

Since he was a kid Oli-B started drawing and painted what he loved. But the passion for the art started when he discovered the Vinyl covers and magazines during his teenage years. To be exact: he was around 12years old. A very young age and already so talented, I love it! 

But the real question is: how does he found that perfect balance between all the different shapes and colors he's using? Well, it's all on his own feeling at that moment and his intuition. He never makes a plan before creating something new. Of course a large range of colors are chosen to be used and than he mixes and combines them step by step while the piece of art is being created. By working this way he doesn't create a specific story of the painting, but the painting reveals itself.

Even though he has already done a lot of art, he also has his favorite creations. Like monumental paintings. This because of the explosion of colors you can have as the walls are big. But Oli-B also loves canvas paintings as he can let go his own feeling. And if he could do one specific building in the world; it would be the 'Cite des Sciences' in Valencia. I agree with his idea that the organic looking buildings would be even more amazing with a splash of color!

But for an artist it is a challenge over and over again to create something new. Also using the Outlet Village from Maasmechelen was a new way of working. The work had to be in harmony, contrasted and fresh, but yet visible for the people walking around. Because of his choice of using his art as an abstract pattern to dress up the Village, he created a colorful and alive feeling. Succeeded if you ask me.

It's clear that Oli-B found his way in the artist world and that I'm not his only fan. However there are still a lot of creative people trying to find their way in this world. For all of you who can relate to that, Oli has a special message for you: 'The best motivation is passion. But I think that communication is super important as well. You can do amazing things, but if you're unable to share it well, nobody will see or understand your work. So do things with your heart and share it with your brain.'

Thank you Oli-B for not only making the Village so colorful, but also are lives! I can't wait to see more of your amazing work and I hope to add a painting soon in my living room...

 This post has been made in collaboration with Maasmechelen Village.

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