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Is there another city as vibrant and joyful as Paris? The answer is 'YES!' and it's Bordeaux. Last month I went on a two days trip together with Lillet, the French aperitif wine made in Bordeaux itself, where we had the opportunity to discover all the history, the place where Lillet is being produced and of course some wine tasting was included.

After a small flight of approximately 1h30 we arrived in the sunny and warm city. It was 32degrees to be exact and the perfect weather to do a little terrace and enjoy a delicious glass of wine. When arriving at Podensac we got a tour in the museum where they still had the old barrels, stickers and posters. I always love to hear the history behind a brand I love and appreciate. Also the current space where they produce Lillet was visited and after the tour we could try the Lillet Blanc and Rosé. So refreshing! 

Before having dinner we did a little cocktail-challenge. We all had the opportunity to create our own Lillet drink. Mine ended up being third out of 12, not bad at all if you ask me and I can't wait to share with you all the recipes we tried and made. For dinner itself we had a foie gras with granny apples and Lillet Rouge. As a main course a Daurade with pea pulps, mint and Lillet Blanc and finished it with a fresh grapefruit dessert with honey. A-MA-ZING! Especially because all of the dishes were made with Lillet. A great tasting experience!

On the second day of our Lillet experience we had unfortunately a little less luck with the weather. It honestly made me think of Belgium; you know the 'sun-rain-sun-rain' situation, right? Luckily it wasn't that bad but the sun didn't want to come out. However it didn't ruin our lovely boat trip to Arcachon, the best place to eat Oysters in France and probably the whole world. It was also my first time trying Oysters and I really enjoyed the boat trip. Cause if I could one day I would just buy myself a boat and travel around the world. Let's cross our fingers that it might happen one day (winning the lottery I mean) and that we can enjoy our glass of Lillet at any kind of Island with a clear blue sea. I'm in for that!

To give you an idea of our trip to Podensac and Bordeaux, I'm sharing some pictures with you. And if you're in the South of France, don't forget to pass by and have a delicious wine tasting. Or just order your Lillet while relaxing on a terrace. Cheers!

This post has been made in collaboration with Lillet.

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