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Fifty percent of the Belgian people, or even seventy, are currently enjoying Tomorrowland right now. Others are impatiently waiting for tomorrow, Sunday or the next weekend to go, just as I am. And as every weekend is full of festivals since the beginning of July, it's the perfect moment to share some make up inspiration with you. 'Cause wearing a nice make up look during the festivals can make the experience completely different!

Both looks are created by MAC Cosmetics. What else? Duhh... A die hard lover will stay the die hard lover until the end. The first look has been made with a focus on yellow and pink. Two vibrant and powerful shades which are perfect to wear at Tomorrowland and festivals like We Can Dance. The second look is more with natural colors and inspired for my reggae festivals such as Reggae Geel or Antilliaanse Feesten. It's also great for Dour and Pukkelpop as it fits every kind of girl as the shades perfectly blend in with the decor of the festivals.

Personally I'm not a girl that wears a lot of make up, like glitters, extreme eyeshadow or who makes designs on her face. Last year at WCD was an exception though (which I absolutely loved!) and this year I wanted to inspire people that have the same make up style as I have during the normal days. For the festivals I do love to add some more and that's why I chose these two looks. Vibrant but yet basic enough so everyone can recreate it with no problems. It's a perfect base to continue with and for the glitter lovers: add as many as you want!

I'm even thinking about creating glitter eye brows for Tomorrowland on Sunday. Which one is your favorite make up look? #justtellme

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