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What I love to do the most during the weekends is to meet up with friends for brunch or a late lunch. We all deserve some quality time and lately that means eating pancakes at Texas Coffee for me. No donuts, neither cupcakes, right now. Just some delicious American Pancakes with blueberries please!

And even though I wish I was laying at a beach with white sand, having temperatures around 30 degrees and getting a tan, we need to be realistic and accept that in Belgium it still feels like it's Spring or Autumn at some moments. However, this won't stop me from buying Summer proof clothes or shoes, just like these fur sandals - 'sandalen' - which I found of course at Sacha. As usual I'm addicted to more shoes of their collection and I think I've added more than 6pairs since the beginning of the season. Remember the ones from the Festival proof Sacha look? I worn them so many times since I got them. Thank God for having them!

Why did I go for fur? Lately we see fur everywhere. From sneakers with pompoms in fur, to coats and accessories on bags. It's a trend and still will be for Autumn, so I had to add something to my closet which is still completely fitting my style. Those fur slides definitely are and because of them being black they fit all of my 'hopefully soon' Summer outfits. 

In the meantime I'm keeping faith that the good weather is on it's way. Fingers crossed for a late Summer!

(&Other Stories Jacket // United colors of Benetton trousers // Sacha fur slides // Gucci Dionysus bag)

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