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After telling you the history about Lillet and our trip to Bordeaux, I’m sharing with you some cocktails ideas which are perfectly possible to make at home. There will be 3recipes which we made during the cocktail challenge in Bordeaux, including mine which ended third place. All of them were made with Schweppes tonics. With the ideas in this post there will be enough choice to make some cocktails which fits your personal taste and the ones of your friends. Cause drinks need to be shared with your girls! 

Let’s start with my own creation, called ‘AFTER WORK’-drink. So I guess everyone should try this after work for the best experience: 
  • Schweppes Azahab & Lavender
  • Cranberry Juice (6CL)
  • Litllet Rosé (6CL)
  • Mint, Slices of Oranges and blackberries

The second cocktail:
  • Schweppes Tonic
  • Gin beefeater (4CL)
  • Grapefruit syrop (6CL)
  • Lillet Rosé (6CL)
  • Slices of lemon, mint and cucumber

Cocktail number 3:
  • Schweppes Hibiscus 
  • Gin (4CL)
  • Lillet Blanc (6CL)
  • Slices of Oranges, strawberries and mint

The other two cocktails were creations made by the ladies who joined the same trip as I did to Bordeaux. But if you don’t have enough inspiration and you would like to discover more recipes, I recommend you to go to the Lillet website and enjoy more!

Did you already plannend a date night with your girls? Cause if you didn’t yet it’s now the time to do and create some Lillet drinks together. Cheers!

This post has been made in collaboration with Lillet.

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