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As it's almost 2018 I'm looking back to everything that happend this year. Not a lot of positive things due to my health issues and job changes but I know that there are some new amazing things coming next year. I've actually been working on two projects to launch in January and I will share them soon on my YouTube Channel. Did you already subscribe? 

But even if there were ups and downs, there's one thing I will never forget: the endless support of my friends. After being sick at home for eight months it became very clear who were my true friends. A lot fell off and some sticked through the hard times. One of them is this beautiful and lovely girl, Veronique. She definitely deserves a special mention on my blog. To thank her for all the good moments, talks and laughters, Sacha and I decided to surprise her with some awesome chained ankle boots. They're actually matching mine! See it as celebrating "friends-giving". Cause friendships need to be celebrated, right?

I actually know her for almost six years now, or seven (time goes by too fast), but we've started to get really close since last year. She's also the girl that does my awesome nails! Yup, it's her and I know you guys love her nail work. A couple of months ago she also started her blog and I'm trying to support her as much as I can, just like she does with me and the new projects.

Do you celebrate your friendship with friends as well? And who would you surprise with matching shoes? Share it in the comments! Click to order the chained boots or shop more woman shoes here.

(Denim jacket from La Redoute // Jeans and black sweater from Zara // Balenciaga camera bag // Sacha chain boots)

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