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I was away for almost two months. Only on the blog of course, 'cause you might have noticed that I've been very active on Instagram during the last few weeks. The reason for my break is a combination of different situations in my personal life. I've not only been very sick, my fibromyalgia is getting worse since the winter has started, and I can't go through a day without sleeping from 4-6PM, for example, which has a huge impact on my daily life. I need naps, I'm having extreme muscle pains and that's the main reason why blogging and also my YouTube channel have been on hold. 

Before the end of 2017 it was a priority for me to launch my side project "Experience The Hotels". It gave me a boost to start something new and to put my hands on a concept I truly believe in. However I need to be realistic that being so sick is causing a huge delay on everything I need to do. But in the end, my health is still my priority number one. Luckily the world and the close people around me are accepting and understanding more of this disease. Maybe thanks to the special YouTube vlog about Fibromyalgia, but it helps me to not feel guilty anymore about staying/laying in bed. Because while I'm writing this I'm having an other migraine attack, I'm feeling nauseous but I do have to write this as I don't want you to think that I'm stopping this blog.

Next to launching the side project, I also decided to stop working. Well not completely, but I don't work under a 'contract' anymore or for someone. My last experience resulted into a promise I've made for myself to never, ever, sign another contract again. Haha! But this decision motivated me to work even harder for the things I love to do which is blogging. In 2018, this year, it will be nine (9!) years that I'm active in this world and I never had so much fun doing it. So yes, I became officially a fulltime blogger since 2018. Hooray! I'm quite happy with the decision as it's easier to combine with my health issues and the support I got from you guys is incredible. You are truly angels and adorable readers. It hasn't always been easy to stay strong in the 'Influencer' world and it's so easy to be judged by people who don't know me. But I want to say 'Thank You!', with a big emoji heart, to those who support each other, to the PR people that keep believing in what I do, thank you to my readers, my followers and to those who took the time to message me while I was going through these more difficult weeks. Another special 'thanks'-word to my amazing parents. I know they do read the blog, so they deserve an unique message as well. Because without their love, support and daily care I would've stopped achieving a lot of my dreams, I wouldn't be as far as I am today, I would've stopped fighting for the things I love to do and without my mom her photographing skills my Instagram would suck. Haha!

I'm sure 2018 will bring a lot of happy and wonderful moments. Even if I crash every day and have to nap every 4 or 5 hours, I will keep on going. I will keep on supporting those who are awesome and inspiring as well. And all together we will stay strong in this world that needs more love. Next to being a fulltime blogger now I'm also very proud to tell you that I've been working on my own business. I'm finalizing the last few steps but it will launch within a few days/week. Keep an eye on my Social Media if you don't want to miss the launch. #Ikeepyouposted

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