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And why would I try to hide it or make it feel like a taboo? It has been kind of a 'problem' since, uhh, as long as I can remember. Shopping with my mom as a kid was always what I loved doing the most. Of course my Barbie dolls were important as well, but being 'on trend' or 'in fashion' were a little more important. From the Buffalo-times (do you remember these platform boots?) to having the limited edition Adidas sneakers. I had them as a 10-year old kid and until today I still love to get my hands on what I love. Sometimes it can be a small item from H&M and some months I crave for another designer bag. Is this something to be ashamed of? No, not in my eyes. Is it something that is often misunderstood and has a bad 'Image', such as being irresponsible with money, YES. Therefore I share this post. Simply because shopping is just something I love to do.

And since the launch on Instagram and the start of my blog in 2009, it only became a little 'worse' as you see all these looks (think about Pinterest!), the new designer bags, upcoming collections and also 'musthaves', which pass by on Instagram or which are worn by bloggers and influencers. The internet is full of things we would love to have and the cookies on websites are saving our last clicks so we get confronted with the items we placed, or avoid to place, in our shopping cart. This results into impulsive buys, things we don't always need and regrets. Especially when the VISA or MasterCard bills arrive at the end of another month. ARGHHHH WHY! Yes, regrets.

However, since I bought my house, saved up a car and this mainly thanks to working as a Belux Commercial responsible, I started to think twice about certain purchases. Hmm actually not 'always' but lets say that I do it more often. "Can I combine these trousers with at least 5 other items that are already in my closet?" and "Do I buy it because my Fashion Icon has it or do I buy it because I will actually wear it?". So as I'm thinking - more often - about what I'm going to buy, I also leave a lot in my shopping cart and I hope every time that it's still in stock on the moment I can afford it to buy. Yes, I do wait sometimes to think about it over night and if it's 'SOLD OUT' by the moment I'm sure, it probably wasn't not meant to be. It's my way of thinking and a sort of excuse to get the item out of my mind asap. But there's something else I always check before buying anything.

Is Google your best friend as well? And I mean by searching for discount codes? Be honest! It is your best shopping friend because we all want an extra 10% off, or 20% at H&M or ASOS! And when another newsletter enters with the title 'SALES', we mostly check it out. Or am I wrong? Any way, I do check for discount codes every single time! My favorite discount platform currently is Deals.be. They have such a large amount of different deals, discount codes and promotions. And as I was talking about 'online window shopping' in one of my last posts, I thought it would be a nice idea to share one of my favorites with you. Because sharing is caring! So this is my little secret when I do some shopping. Now tell me your secret!

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