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Paris, you were good...
The first part of my 'Personal Paris Guide' went online this week and the second one about shopping is coming too. Addresses and hotspots of shops around Paris and some places you really can't miss will be in the guide. 
And who thought Madrid was shopping heaven, sorry, but Paris won. #sorrynotsorry

Going to Paris is going to shop. As easy as that. I didn't plan a shopping trip at all in the beginning, but since all stores are open on Holidays and I had a day off too from work, I did went on a 'discovery tour' in the big city of love and did get myself some new things. Starting with Laduree macarons, new Dior sunglasses (picture on Instagram), a new Givenchy wallet (soon on the blog), and to end with this Chloe faye bag.

The man at Printemps, Chloe store, just started to unpack his new delivery when this model caught my eyes. 
The black suede flap is such a nice detail and the chain gives a nice rocky touch to the 70's model. I've seen the bag passing by on IG and other Social Media in camel and with snake prints. But since I'm a Black-addict (read this article) I sticked to my personal style and choose this version. 


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