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The paradise of fun...
Here it is: the new Spring nailpolish collection from Essie. With their new shades of bright and pastel colors they're ready to take us to a trip to Florida where you can spot a lot of 'must-go' places and discover the paradise of fun. Not only the sun is a positive thing about Florida, but also Fashion is hot. That's why the six new shades have been inspired on the Spring feelings and chique places such as Palm Beach.  

1. High Class Affair: A blushy nude color which is luxurious and makes you shine.
2. Lounge Lover: This isn't a coincidance: the peach pink color and you are made for this.
3. Sunshine State of Mind: Wherever you are, this orange-apple-red is the perfect match for every look.
4. Off Tropic: You can talk about whatever you would like to. 
With this green color all eyes will be focused on your nail.
5. Pool Side Service: Be a queen for one day! Or even forever. This heaven-blue color is at your service.
6. Shades On: Super chic, relaxed and mysterious are the keywords for this purple color.

What about the bottles with the stars?
That's also a new collection called 'Retro Revival'. Why these 6new shades? 
To celebrate their 35th birthday: Hooray, hooray for Essie!

For these shades they made a selection of their 6 bestselles through the years, since 1981, and gave them a Las Vegas make over. And as we now: there's nothing more fun than some retro-inspired vibes: glitters, bling-bling and eighties-moments. And even one of their first shades is back: the Birthday Suit! #hellovintage

1. Life of the Party (2002): Pearly pinot noir.
2. Starry Starry Night (1985): Twinkly night blue.
3. Bikini with a Martini (2006): Pearly pink.
4. Sequin Sash (2005): Pure glitter bronze.
5. Birthday Suit (1981): Delicate nude.
6. Cabana Boy (2005): Extra cool white.

Are you ready to get some new nailpolish colors? #iam


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