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Time for some changes...
In June it will be 7years since I wrote my first blog post. Almost a decade that I'm in this blogger world and writing about my inspirations, personal style and what I love. One month later we can celebrate the second birthday of this blog as well. Time is passing by so fast, so we need to make some changes...

This time it won't be a new blog platform or name... I'm still very happy with the decision I've made two years ago: I left 'Your Daily Dose of Fashion' behind me after 5years of blogging on it and created "THE AFTER WORK BLOG" to have a more personal platform and to write about lifestyle related subjects, with still a little touch of fashion every week. So what will change than?

I'm working on a new design/layout for the blog. A bit like how I left 'YDDOF', it will be inspired on the same colors as well. Curious? Check it out on friday! The day it will all be online...


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