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I'm already counting down 'till September to go back to Zakynthos. If everything fits into the planning I will go back for my birthday and spend another week on this beautiful island. 

The hotel: We were on the Island for one week and staying in an All-In hotel in Tsilivi. And the first thing that I want to tell you is to check the hotels very carefully before booking your trip to Zakynthos! Most of them have the pool next to the street. So that means that car- or truck drivers can see you tanning and swimming. Totally not my cup of tea! So I was very lucky with my luxurious hotel with a pool behind the building of the hotel. And even though the hotel was All-In, I loved all the little restaurants around the hotel and in the town itself. You can eat delicious food for small prices and if I go back next time, maybe I will go out for dinner much often.

About the taxi: from Tsilivi to the town it was 10€. Not a lot if you think that in Belgium you loose min. €75 to go to Antwerp from where I live (25KM away). So we went back a couple of times to enjoy the beautiful views, have delicious food and take pictures for the blog. #duhh - If you don't have a bus included in your trip, from the airport to your hotel their is a fix price around the €40.

Period of visit: Mid of May was perfect. The hotel was full for 1/3 of their capacity and you didn't have to fight for a place at the pool and you could eat in the restaurant without too many people. The same for the beaches: not too many tourists and neither for the excursions to the Shipwreck Beach and Blue caves (another post will be made for this special trip). From the end of May they start to have 2/3 full of the rooms to completely full booked and honestly: the island is too small for me to have that many people on it. Haha! I just love relaxing on vacations, without too many kids, tourists and noise. Vacation is vacation. If I want to be in a busy city; I will take a citytrip to a huge touristic place like Barcelona or something like that...

So in this post the places I've been at. And be ready for more once I come back from Valencia.

*. Hotel "Azure Resort & Spa": Tsilivi, Zakynthos.
Meet my hotel. A 5stars with Spa and 3 pools: one for the kids, a smaller one and a huge pool with an infinity bridge and a Jacuzzi. The biggest pool even has a pool bar where I had a coffee every morning and a cocktail in the afternoon. Like: Hey! What did you expect? 

We had a suite with two separated rooms and a bathroom covered in Marble walls and floor. It was beau-ti-ful. The view we had from our room was straight to the sea side and the mountains. There was no day we woke up without a great view and every night you could see the beautiful sky during the sunset. 

The food in the restaurant itself was good. You had different kind of menu's and dishes every day and you will never eat the same thing twice. Except if you take French Fries ofcourse. For the kids they have a little separeted food corner and sometimes even Sushi (for the Sushi lovers...). Next to the hot meals you had a cheese corner, salad bar and desserts. A large assortment of fruits and drinks without limit. 

The staff is the most friendly staff I've ever met in a hotel. They will help you with anything, have a lovely smile all the time and will answer to all your questions. This point is really my 10/10 when it comes to reviewing the hotel. Be honest: this is so important!

Around the hotel you can find shops in case you want a bottle of water (you can't drink from the tap!), some sweets or soap/clothes,... Also restaurants as I've said before and the beach is only a 300m walk away. I'm sure you're convinced now...


*. Lounge Bar "Greco Cafe": Leoforos Lomvardou K. 291, Zakynthos Town
Hello coffee addicts! At the Port of Zakynthos centre you can have a delicious coffee break in this lounge bar with a beautiful view over the Port and the sea. On the left you will even see the Island Kefalonia (which I defenitely want to visit asap as well) and at the right you have the lovely colored buildings as you could see on Instagram

Once I tried their Cold Cappuccino with Caramel I was sold and came back the next day for another one. Too bad you need a taxi from the hotel to arrive. Or maybe it's good, 'cause I would drink one every single day. #coffeeaddict 


*. Restaurant "La Storia": Agios Nikolaos, Zakynthos.
During our trip to the Shipwreck beach and Blue caves we had lunch at a small fishers town: Agios Nikolaos. This cosy restaurant 'La Storia' had the most delicious fish I've ever had and for my Salmon we only paid €9. To give you an idea: in Belgian you pay around €25 for a fish dish. And than you need to add your drinks, dessert eventually,... to the bill as well. For 45€ we ate all three of us. My mom tried the steak and my dad took Calamares (squid). 

And I didn't even tell you about the view. Just look at this:

*. Restaurant "Taverna Dimitris": Agios Dionisiou 54, Zakynthos Town.
The day before we left, we came back to the town for extra pictures and another relaxing morning. During lunch time we went to Taverna Dimitris. The guy was so lovely and welcoming you in his restaurant that you couldn't say no. And hell yes: that food was A-MA-ZING! Those prawns were fresh and delicious. My parents went for the Lamb and we took a small tapa: garlic bread. With the coffee and drinks included we paid 39€ for all three of us. 

While eating there you also have a view on the Port of Zakynthos and the beautiful turquoise sea.

If you have any more questions about Zakynthos, don't hesitate to contact me!

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