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About a month ago, in my weekly 'Sunday-Breakfast' posts, I told you about a personal story that I had to share with you. And after a couple of messages on my Facebook account, more people were wondering what was going on. Did I stopped working or why am I taking so much holidays? Now, after two weeks of completely relaxing and having loads of me time, I'm ready to share the story.

I've always been the girl that loved her life and did everything she could to achieve her goals and future plans. Even at work or in my personal life. As most of you know, I'm working for Zara. Started in 2010 as a student, than Manager, Belux Area Merchandiser since the end of 2012 and since April 2015 as District Commercial for the Belux. Next to that I've been blogging for 7years (on the 7th of June to be exact) and I love travelling as much as I love donuts...

It actually all started to become clear at the end of September 2015 when I had my first break from work due to medical reasons. My back was constantly hurting, the muscles of my schoulders were blocked all day & night, and coming out of bed was hell for me. I could sleep for 12h non-stop and still be tired like crazy. At the beginning I was just thinking it was like a little flu that wasn't going away and that my body didn't recover as it has to be. But when it became a bit more like mental 'pain', things changed and I had to realise that it wasn't just a flu...

When you have to constantly cancel plans with friends, family and even blog events because there's no time for it or you feel so tired, it's very heavy to carry on with... I felt alone and lost, but most of all tired. Not only physical, but also mentally from the situation I've been it for months. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore and all I wanted was to find the old 'Cindy' back that always loved to go out for a drink, meet plenty of people and enjoyed every single moment with a big smile. I completely lost that during these months and that was my main priority of why I had to change someting.

Many doctor visits later, we came to the conclusion that I was not far away from a serious Burn Out. And not only my doctor, that knows me for more than 20years, but also myself decided that I had to do something about it. And no matter how much I loved being Merchandiser and Commercial responsable, my body couldn't take anything any more and was slowly 'shutting down'. That's how you can say it the best when you feel that pain for over months... I had to change my way of living as soon as possible or things would get worse. And the only thing I want to be is honest about it. I'm not ashamed of all what I've been through this year, I'm even speaking open about it because it's something that can happen to any one and actually does happen to a lot of people these days that it is so important to face our symptoms and take care of ourselves.

Thousands of thoughts later the decision was made. A decision for myself and my future: I had to change my job. We only have one life and need to live it the best we can. No, I'm not leaving from Zara, but from tomorrow on I will start as Manager where it all started in my Zara history: Mechelen, my home town (the store is actually 3KM away from my door). I will take care of the Men section and be ready for a new chapter in my life. This decision will not only give me the opportunity to be close to my friends and family, but also to upgrade my quality of life. In the evenings I will have enough time to still recover from the health issues when needed, to see my friends, to meet up for a drink or for dinner, to do grocery shopping AND to blog and travel again as much as I want without being tired! To go to events, to write articles on my days off on wednesday and after work without being on the computer till midnight to finish everything I have to do. Ahhh... #feelsgood

As much as I loved the Merchandising for the country (and sometimes even the international stores I've been too), it was and will always be the job of my dreams. But there's nothing more important in life than your own health and happiness. Nothing is worth the pain or the struggle of your body that can't hold it anymore. Not even money or your biggest dreams. It's important to listen to your body when it's calling for a stop.

Now I've been on holidays for two weeks and already feel like a different person because of all the me-time I've had over there. My goal now is to live every day with a big smile again, to do all the things I love and take care of myself even more. I want to see the world, spend time with the ones I love the most and to spam you all again with posts! #imback

A big thanks to my parents, closest friends and (blog-) colleagues for all the support during those months. Thank you, thank you. #frommyheart

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  1. I wish you all the best with this new way of life babe!

    Hope to see you soon


  2. A true story told with nice words! Congrats on your new job and ENJOY :-)

  3. Oooh so many should follow your exemple.
    Because... been there, done that... over here as well. Not so open as you are so I'am happy you write about it.
    So proud Hon
    Silke Meulewaeter

  4. Ik vind het fijn dat je dit eerlijk verteld. Ik heb ook ooit een burn out gehad en vind dat dit nog te vaak in de doofpot wordt gestoken. Je hoeft je zeker niet te schamen! Ik vind het knap dat je voor leven hebt gekozen ipv carrière. Mensen vragen mij ook vaak of het dikke loon van vroeger niet mis, maar eerlijk gezegd niet. Ik heb liever sociaal contact met mijn vrienden. Veel succes met de nieuwe uitdaging!

    x Karen

  5. Whow, Respect! Het is inderdaad een 'nieuwe' ziekte die vele mensen niet begrijpen maar wel duidelijk aanwezig is! Chapeau voor het openbaar delen van je privé en veel succes met alles waarvoor je kiest!!
    X, Eline


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