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Okay. I'm actually stubborn when it comes to trying out new things such a beauty products. 'Cause once I like a cosmetic brand, I can stick to it forever. But lately I got convinced that trying out new things can only be good to discover other great and amazing stuff. So be prepared to see a lot of new reviews and cosmetic brands! 

For today: the 'Roller Lash' mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. It's a super curling and lifting mascara. Two in one! And I'm sure you all have the same problem: do we believe the commercial spots on TV or their shoots that we see on the internet when a new mascara launches: well I can garantee you that the 'Roller Lash' really works.

Normally my eyelashes are quite short and they don't have the wide-open look. I can use 20 layers of mascara before you see a little difference and use clear eye shadow color for a fresh look. At the end my eyelashes aren't healthy anymore, but at the same time it isn't an option for me to leave the house without putting some on. 

With this mascara I only apply two layers and you see the results immediately (see last picture). Thanks to their 'Hook 'n Roll'-brush your lashes gets lifted and curled at the same time while you apply it on. It's really amazing and I can't live without this one any more. 

Thank you Benefit for the great discovery!


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  1. Klinkt goed, de mascara accentueert jouw wimpers perfect! Ik ken het gevoel van geen nieuwe producten te willen uitproberen ;-)

    x Karen


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