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On the 7th of June 2009 I wrote my very first blogpost. At that time I just launched Your Daily Dose of Fashion, a personal style blog full of fashion posts and inspirations. It was for my school friends to look on and just for fun. 'Cause who would've ever thought, that seven years later, I would still be blogging and having a new platform (The After Work Blog) as well? Hmm, not me.

During all those years blogging became a part of who I am and what I do on a daily basis. There's no way that I leave the house without my camera for example, especially not when I know that I'm going to a city where I can shoot inspirational things. Or I can't help it, but I need to check my favorite accounts as soon as I got the time. Fashion is a part of me, the blog is a reflection of it. And I'm still very happy I took the decision two years ago to start this new lifestyle platform as it's the best mix of what's happening in my world and what inspires me the most. I can write what and whenever I want, without thinking too much about subjects, simply because it's really my way of living after my work.  

And don't forget Social Media! Because thanks to those babes, blogging became even more fun! Hooray, Hooray: let's go for another year. And thanks to all my blogger colleagues, lovely PR peeps and amazing readings for all these awesome years. Without all of you it wouldn't be the same! #yourethebest

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