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I've been stalking all of you on my Instagram since Monday with my visit to the wellness. So it's more than time to tell you a bit more about the Health Experience, a 3days group treatment, we've had (me and 5other bloggers) at the Thermae 2000, located in Valkenburg, Netherlands. And as you've all reacted very positively on the pictures I already posted (1, 2, 3) I'm also excited to answer your questions about the treatments, thoughts and everything else you wanted to know about our stay. 

The experience started on Monday after a 1hour30 drive to the wellness itself. It sounds quite far, but it's a long road straight on the same highway, so I was there very easily. And I'm living in the center of Belgium. People living closer as those in the Limburg, Maastricht or Aachen (DE), are so lucky. And doesn't sound it as a perfect city trip tip? Yes it was. #gotcha - Once arrived we had a small meeting running over the planned activities those coming days, some general information about the hotel and a tour around the resort.

First thing to do? Filling up the grumpy stomaches. In the wellness you have two restaurants (small bars) where you can eat. Lunch can be eaten in 'Bread&Bites' where you have the choice between fresh sandwiches, soups, burgers, salads and even pizza, Mac&Cheese and spaghetti. I had tomato soup and the salmon sandwich twice and a burger with fries on the last day to closure in style. Haha! Dinner is in the wellness as well, the place is called 'Senses'. It's above the Sauna area of the Spa and has a small but good menu. Their steak was so good that I ate it twice and the desserts were good as well. You can start with a tapas plate to share and end with a sweet touch. If you like a restaurant with stars, you can eat at Pure. The same room as were we had breakfast.

The first treatment on the planning was a session of aquafit in combination with Floating. I'm sure I don't need to explain what aquafit is, but I'm sure I got you curious on the floating. Well actually you and your partner need to team up. One person lays in the water with a round float underneath the neck and need to trust the partner completely that will coordinate excersises with you in the water to relax your mind (you will hear music in the water) and muscles. It actually gives you the feeling you're back in the 'womb'. No worries, no stressed feelings, all muscles are relaxed and this was my favorite of all. I don't know what happened with my body during that session, but I never felt as distressed as than. So if someone knows where we can do this around my home (Mechelen-Antwerp-Brussels), please let me know! The second treatment was a steam bath eruption with eucalyptus. First you get overwhelmed by the hot steam, than you're cooled down with cold water and warmed up again with the hot steam. It helps for the blood circulation in your body and it's also good for the muscles.

On the second day, when we also had a lot of sun, we started with a bare feet walk around the resort. Honestly; nothing for me. I do love to walk around on bare feet at home and I know there are reflexing points that are important to stimulate, but the cold grass in the early morning, the 'invisible' bugs on the wood and hard stones aren't my cup of tea. But I'm sure some will enjoy this though. After that we had a workshop of 'Mindfulness' which teaches you how to communicate with your body, soul and to recognize eventually pain. All thoughts were accepted and we just had to let go of what came across our minds. We started with the feet and they already lost me at the stomach. Haha! I was again so relaxed that I fell asleep after a few minutes. Or maybe I was just so up into my thoughts. Possible as well but I know they ended with the communication in your head. A nice workshop were we all had a moment for ourselves. After lunch we had a workshop 'Massage' were we also had to team up with a partner and we learned some massage techniques. Personally I expected more and it was a bit short. But maybe I've been single for too long to see the advantages of it as I'm sure couples will love this. #happysinglelady - The day was ended by a Rasul treatment with Aloe Vera. Normally we do this with chocolate or clay, but none of us wanted to go naked for the treatment and those products don't go out of your swimwear so we went for an alternative which worked good as well. Because of the hot steam the Aloe Vera entered the open pores and cleans and nourishes your skin. After the treatment you have a baby soft and fresh feeling over your body/skin. 

The last day we ended the cure with a body packaging. You had the choice between different pastes such as oranges for more energy, green tea for a detoxing effect, roses, lavender and even ginger and vinegar which relaxes the muscles. So guess what? Ofcourse I went for the Ginger and vinegar and the lady told me a lot of patient with similar symptoms as me with Fibromyalgia go for this paste as it really helps. And I confirm it does. You first get a scrub (I got my top and left my bottom on), got wrapped with the paste and than they put the plastic blanket over you before getting immersed in the hot water tub. Some feel like being suffocated, but for me the heath did help for my muscles pain. It was around 37°degrees so not that hot. After 30minutes you come out of the packaging and get a moment of rest in a special zen area with a refreshing drink.

I can really recommend the 3days of relaxation cure we've had if you're in the same situation as me, talking about the fibromyalgia, muscles pain or over stressed muscles. And if you want to book it yourself with friends, family or colleagues you can click here. You'll stay at their **** hotel during the cure. Oh and talking about the hotel: I've added a small picture in this post. It was a clean room with a lot of storage space for all those days and with clean bed linen + bathrobes. My room had two separated beds and a little desk. Not to work at cause I need to tell you that the WIFI doesn't work. I had to do tons of mails for my blog and couldn't without using my own 4G (imagine the huge roaming bill I have to pay now...) So if you go be sure you won't need a phone or laptop to do work. You'll need to detox for 200% and leave daily life behind you for a couple of days. The only thing I wasn't fan of is the carpet all over the hotel as I can be allergic to dust in some places. At the same time the resort could use a little freshness after all those years. But again; that's personal. 

Last but not least some general informations: 
1. Phones are not allowed in and around the wellness. At your room it is. So as mentioned before; be prepared for that and make sure you will be able to relax completely when being there. 
2. No need to bring normal clothes as you will walk 3days in your swimwear, bathrobe and slippers. Yes also to eat in the morning, at lunch and for dinner.
3. You can park just in front of the hotel for a 12.50€ a day fee. 
4. On monday and Wednesday the sauna part (including hammam,...) is WITHOUT bathing clothes, naked with other words. Only on Tuesday it's allowed to wear swimsuits, so make sure you check out the website to know exactly when it's allowed or not, also for weekends it can change! And you don't want any surprises.
5. The average age group is around 40-50 or plus years old. So don't expect young groups or too many age-related people to connect with. Although we all love those cute older couples that still love each other as much as they did when they first met.
6. You can go for a day as well for 32.50 € pp.

I want to thank Thermae 2000 for the 3days cure and the treatments which really helped for my fibromyalgia. And don't forget to book your cure here.

This post has been made in collaboration with Thermae 2000.

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