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The good weather has finally arrived and once summer is there, most of us immediately start thinking about evenings on terraces, refreshing drinks, days at the beach and BBQ's with friends. But when the sun comes out the stress levels are going down as well, everyone starts to be more happy and good music during those moments is making everything complete. You hear me right? Let's start talking about Festivals: the weekend events where all of those are coming together.

Some start preparing their visits months in advance, others love to be the 'late birds' when it comes to buying tickets. For both of them this new project will be a helping hand in their search to fill in there weekends and for each music style their will be enough ideas provided. There will be a main focus though on personal interests, as the blog is still a personal platform and that will be Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Reggaeton. But I want you all to find the festival of your dreams, even the House music-lovers for example. Cause we might be a small country but Belgium has some of the most awesome festivals for sure. So let's bring more people together from all over the world and let's enjoy the summer together!

Let me introduce you to the new project: 'FESTIVAL GUIDE BELGIUM'. #festivalguidebelgium

Every week, starting from tomorrow, you will find:
- Agenda's with the dates of the Festivals,
- Tips and tricks / Do's and Don't,
- Festival proof outfits,
- Line ups and Festivals in the spotlight.

Share the love, the music and good vibes. And don't forget to share requests, ideas and more if desired!

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