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It was about time that I did something different with my hair. It was as painful to watch that 'burned' hair as my body feels concerning my muscles, haha! And after having a quite soft style I was ready for some color again. Something more 'Cindy'. A little bit rocky with some punch and character. Redken probably read my mind and came in time with their new color collection named: NEW CITY BEATS. An assortment of 7vibrant colors with an urban inspiration that can be adapted to your own desired shade. The colors are fading away little by little after every washing so they will never leave you with an outgrowth, isn't that amazing? You need to count around 10-12 washings before it's completely gone. And they didn't have to dye my hair so even if it's washed out, I will still have my natural color back.

For the appointment I went to T'HAIRAPY in Wilrijk, Antwerp. The salon is a family business for over 33years and father and daughter are working together. You immediately feel the warm welcome and you can be relaxed just as at home. We discussed the available colors, the hair cut I wanted and we talked about hair care and more. First we were thinking about a copper color but we changed for Magenta as I already had the copper before and I love the dark shades a lot. Even though I would love to have a more vibrant color in my hair one day, I went for this one. Just to be sure I will enjoy it a long time. So the results? Check it at the end of this post.

You can also go for bright colors or more pastel shades. Everything is possible! As they have the experience with working with all the Redken products for years, they will give you the best advice and treatment. It's not easy to find a good hairdresser but they definitely got a new client: ME!

A big thanks to T'HAIRAPY and Redken for saving my hair and bringing back the old rocky Cindy. What do you think about the hair cut and color?

Post made in collaboration with Redken

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  1. Ik ken de producten nog niet maar ik vind het resultaat wel awesome! Ook uw snit is super cool!

    Love, Turn it inside out


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