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Hello Festival lovers! Glad to have you here again concerning the Festival Guide for Belgium. The announcement of this project was Sunday and I'm glad to hear that a lot of you are liking the idea and concept. So I hoped you enjoyed the good weather today and had some refreshing drinks. Now it's time for the real business and to talk about our big love: music, friends, relaxing time and food.

Did you already have the time to think about your summer weekends? Maybe you already planned some Festivals? Or maybe not at all? 'Cause I do understand if you're a late bird when it comes to planning those activities but I did make a planning though with one of the most important events during the four months of summer. It would be too bad if you missed your favorite one, isn't it? And just a little extra: on the 27th of June there's a special Festival called 'Lollipop' for kids in Tongerlo and on the 30th of June students can have a party at Bellewaerde in Ieper! How cool is that? An After School Festival! Now I wish I was still a student. No just joking, they will never get me into the books again but the idea of starting the vacations that way is just awesome.

Ofcourse there are more Festivals to do during those months and I would LOVE to hear your favorites or others than named here. Leave in the comments all your plans, requests to read or others. The Festivals colored in darker grey are those where we will talk more about later and that will have a Festival Report as well.

Are you ready to move and dance for hours? The first on the planning this month is the Belgian Pride in Brussels and we can end later on in September with Laundry Day in Antwerp. But first: dance - dance - dance for four months straight! Who said we needed fitness to get in shape for summer? Dancing at Festivals will! #forsure

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