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Who would ever expect that a girl like me would be so much into cars? And than especially the Mercedes Benz AMG series. Oké, I've always wanted a fashionable car which fits my style and personality and I did safe up for my current one, but AMG? Oh yes. The three most important things together like speed, amazing designs and how the motor sounds made my heart weak. So I was more than pleased when they suggested to go to Amsterdam Fashion Week as it has been three years since I've been to the FW there. And if it's with a Mercedes Benz car, I'm definitely in. 
Holla at meeee!

The car was a surprise, well I knew it would be a cabrio, but the style and color I didn't know. Could you imagine how my face looked like when they came with the SLC AMG in red? This car is just A-MA-ZING and totally fits me. Unfortunately I didn't meet a man yet with this type of car, neither a boyfriend with enough money to get me one for my birthday. For your information: it's the 16th of September, in case you where wondering what I would love to have...

So my bags were packed and I got fashionable clothes on (I'm wearing trousers from the Teacups&Dresses summer collection). Nothing else could stop me from going to the Amsterdam Fashion Week. We, Jan and I, stayed at the WestCord Art Hotel. It was about 10min from Westerpark, the location where Fashion Week took place. Once arrived there we took a glass of wine, had a cheers to MB and Amsterdam and started watching the shows.

The first one was 'Das leben am Haverkamp' and the second show was from 'Bas Kosters'. Two very creative and artistic shows. It made me think of the Antwerp Academy weekend in June which was also very artistic and original. The night was ended in style with an amazing DJ, some dance moves (as you could see on IG) and lots of laughter. On Friday morning we went for breakfast/brunch at 'The Breakfast Club' and after some shopping we went back home. 

With pain in my heart I had to leave this car back at the Mercedes Benz store, but I will try to get back in it asap. Watch my words, haha! 


This post has been made in collaboration with MBFWA. Pictures are taken by Cindy Van Dyck and can't be used without permission.

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