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If there's one thing I will never save money on, it will be food. Especially for breakfast as I love to take it extended, with loads of different plates (think about fruits, cereals, yoghurt, eggs & bacon,...) and fill my stomach to be ready for the day. No breakfast means that I won't function normally, haha! 

Usually I enjoyed these kind of breakfasts at hotels while traveling but I found a place nearby when you can have these pancakes, eggs&bacon and good coffee. Texas Coffee in Antwerp is now THE place to have your breakfast. They have American pancakes with maple syrup, crispy bacon slices, eggs, sandwiches: all you wish for! And the best of all: they serve coffee in a waffle cone with chocolate (white, milk or dark). Just the way you like it!

Texas Coffee is located at the Volkstraat 63, near the Museum of Fine Arts, the vibrant area with loads of bars and restaurants. At 15minutes walking you have the shopping area with nice little boutiques such as 'Lombardenvest' and 'Huidevetterstraat' and from there on you're only a couple of minutes away from the main shopping street of Antwerp: the 'Meir'. So if you're planning a trip to Antwerp, you can have a cultural and shopping experience all in one day. They're open all day from 9AM-6PM in the weekends and 6.30AM-6PM during the week. Enjoy your coffee!

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