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Each year my parents and I are planning a summer vacation around May/June and another citytrip at the end of September. A couple of years ago we often did Tunisia but we're currently traveling closer by home and discovering Europe. So last year we went to Zakynthos in May, Lisbon in September and this year it was Malaga. On the planning as a citytrip? Sevilla it will be. Unfortunately when I went in March it was raining and I would love to go back with better weather. Also as my roots are there and I really feel like coming home when going to Andalusia. So the more time I spend there, the happier I am.

*. Where did we stay?
Since we've been to Lisbon and stayed in a lovely apartment, we're stepping back from all-in hotels. When you go on a city trip you're there to discover the city, not to stay stuck in your hotel. Going when and where ever you want is what freedom feels like and because of my fibromyalgia it's also easier to be in an apartment so I can rest a lot in quit rooms, watch TV in the living room or relax a bit while cooking. I just love it. No need to wake up early for breakfast,... It's just all at your own rhythm and you do everything the way you like. 

The apartment was located at the 'Calle Cordoba' and booked through 'Holidays2Malaga'. The company has a lot of apartments in the city located in different areas. This one was at the main road to 'enter' the city. At about 15minutes walking from the Beach, 10minutes from the center and at 15minutes from all the restaurants. It couldn't be better.

There were two bedrooms with each their own bathrooms, an open living room and a kitchen. For my opinion there wasn't enough day light, but at the same time it wasn't that bad with the high temperatures. Otherwise it would've been too hot in the rooms.

Staying there from Monday 'till Friday was €594,- for the whole family (a capacity of 5p).

*. Where to go for breakfast?
Most of the mornings we had breakfast at the apartment itself. Not only because it's cheaper to go to the supermarket and get some cereals, milk, bread,... but when I'm on holidays I like to take a good rest so waking up for breakfast is no option for me anymore. However you have lots of little café's around the block to have a good coffee, or tostados (toasts) with tomato and other typical Spanish things. My favorite 'tradition' when going to Spain is eating Churros. Not those who are small and 'turned' into a 'teardrop' but the real, big and home made ones. It took us a while to find a local place but when my mom and I want something: we find it! It's definitely worth a visit when being in Malaga. Or anywhere else in Spain. But remember: go for the real ones!

Casa Aranda - Churros con chocolate - Herreria del Rey 3, 29005 Malaga.

*. Where having lunch?
In most of the countries we have lunch at 12 or 1 o'clock. When being in Spain we adapt to the local hours and had a lunch around 2. Tapas, fresh fish, paella,... it was all delicious! I give you the three addresses we've been at and which we loved. Of course there's a lot more (check the dinner part below).

1. Meson Antonio - fresh fish, salads and other typical Spanish meals - Located in between the shopping streets - Calle Fernando de Lesseps 7, 29005 Malaga.

2. If you're going to the beach Malagueta, you have some small local bars around in the street. Personally I wasn't a fan of those as they weren't friendly and it wasn't so delicious as other places. So I want to recommend you to eat at the Beach bar where they have a BBQ and make some fresh paella. Finished is finished! And even though my mom makes the best paella, this one was getting close to being as good as hers. 10/10!

3. While you're walking around in the city and do some shopping or sightseeing you need to pass by the Calle Granada and Calle Caldereria for different tapas bars. We stopped at 'Bar La BouganVilla' to have some. Patatas bravas, Jamon Iberico, croquetas de Jamon, queso manchego,... They have all you wish for! Although it's more of a tourist bar instead of a local place to eat at, it was still a good experience and I give at an 8/10. We paid around 45€ for all.

*. What about dinner?
The same story as with breakfast: we often had a little dinner moment in the apartment with more Spanish delicatessen. But there is this one restaurant that definitely deserves a stop! It's called 'Puro Pescaito' and only has fresh fish dishes. You can see the 'catch of the day' and choose what you would like to have. I ate the most delicious Tuna ever and the shrimps in garlic were amazing as well. The staff was so friendly and I had an amazing evening. I give this place a 10/10! Really...

It's located in the same area where you have all the bars and restaurants. So enjoy a cocktail in one of the bars after you dinner.

Puro Pescaito - Calle Mendez Nunez 12, 29008 Malaga.

*. Places to visit and to shop
Malaga isn't such a big city and can be visited in a few days. Luckily you can easily go to Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella by car (which was at the end of the street from our apartment) and visit the other beach towns. I was feeling quite sick though because of the heat that we stayed in Malaga itself and visited each morning something else. In the afternoon it was too hot for us so we stayed at the beach or had a little siesta. 

At 'La Malagueta' you not only have the beach but also a small shopping area with bars and shops while enjoying the view on a bay with luxurious yachts and boats. Looking for a Dunkin Donut? Well go there. Renting a bike or visiting musea is possible as well. And near by you have the Plaza de Toros - Paseo Reding - where you have a historical musea too. Don't expect something super modern though. It could've used a little renovation, but I was happy to finally see an arena as I couldn't in Sevilla due to the bad weather. 

For the shoppers: Calle Marques de Larios, Calle Nueva and all the little streets in between are the main shopping streets. Of course Inditex (Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka,...) are everywhere, but you also have other brands. Little boutiques are mostly in the little streets in between them. 

There's also a Mercado where you find all kind of fruits, nuts, spices and meat. Worth a little visit as it's close to the shopping area as well. And at the other side of the area you have historical building such as the Cathedra and Alcazaba. I've also added some pictures of 'La Malagueta' at the end to give you and idea how lovely the beach side is. Note that it's not sand on the beach but little stones. So provide your most lovely crocs or water proof sandals or you burn your feet. No for real, we were jumping on it to arrive at the water as it was too hot. #youvebeenwarned

Overall I had the feeling of being in Lisbon due to the architectural buildings and the vibes. The city might be small but is so vibrant and full of energy.

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