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The official Festival season only starts at the beginning of the Summer, but luckily we don't have to wait that long to enjoy the atmosphere! At the beginning of March you could discover the amazing Coffee Festival at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, which celebrates it's fifth anniversary this year. And be honest, who doesn't love coffee? A cup a day keeps the doctor away, if you ask me!

Brita, the official water sponsor of the festival, invited us to discover the event by ourselves. Unfortunately I had to cancel due to personal circumstances, but I do wanted to share this post and informations with you as I'm a huge coffee-lover myself! Other coffee-lovers, baristas and coffee-experts came all together to enjoy and discover the best European bars, cups of coffee (duh!) and of course to get inspired as well. And that's not all! Also food and live music are a part of the scene. Otherwise we wouldn't call it a festival right? 

So tell me, how many cups of coffee are you drinking each day? And how do you make your coffee? The average Belgian drinks two cups and I drink one on a normal day. Two, and even three or four, when I'm too tired or if I'm having a bad mood, haha! And the taste of the coffee is everything. That's why BRITA is so important when it comes to creating a perfect coffee as 98% of your cup contains water... Brita is filtered water with a neutral taste so it won't effect the coffee beans you use when making your coffee. You get me right? Nothing is as bad as a coffee that doesn't tastes well. So if you can't wait for the next Coffee Festival, get some BRITA water and make a delicious coffee: cheers!

PS: if you aren't able to make it to Amsterdam, they're also organizing the Festivals in London, New York, LA, Miami and Cape Town. Amazing destinations right? I feel some travel butterflies popping up!


This post has been made in collaboration with Coffee Festival Amsterdam

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