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I think I have a 'kind of' love and hate relationship with shoes. Somehow I find it more easily to find clothing items that are fitting my style. With shoes it's a whole different story. The first thing they need to be is comfortable, whether they're sneakers or heels, I need to be able to wear them for hours without having pain. Next to that I love a good quality, like leather for example. Otherwise I get blisters after an hour... You know the problem, don't you? Now I sound so demanding, but lately I just can't find shoes that easily with these two simple standards. 

However, it's not a secret how much I love the shoes collection from Sacha. They're all over my Instagram (I even took some of their boots with me to Iceland!) and this month I got myself a new pair of sneakers which are definitely having the two standards I look at: they're comfortable and made from a qualitative leather. Tching-tching! Happy me for finding a new pair of Spring sneakers! 

I'm also still looking for some nice sandals for when I go to Ibiza. Cause let's be honest; a woman can never have enough shoes, right? And a new season is a great excuse to buy something new. Just like when Summer starts and suddenly we all buy new swimsuits or bikin's, even though our closet is crowded with swimwear! Haha... We women are so predictable sometimes. #whoruntheworld

Shop them here if you love them as well or check out their whole sneakers collection if you want to see more.

(H&M Trend knit // Bershka trousers // Sacha sneakers // Gucci Interlocking bag)

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