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It's Christmas time...
That time of the year where we are surrounded by family, friends and the ones we love. It's also the day where you can eat loads of delicious food, without feeling guilty about it (or maybe only the day after) and of sharing some lovely gifts. From small to big ones, 'from me to me'-kind of gifts and the ones we were dreaming of...

This year I spended Christmas eve with my parents at my place. Very cosy and just with the 3 of us. Last year we didn't have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas due to personal circumstances so we wanted to have it small. It was lovely, we laughed a lot and the food my mom made was just per-fect. 

Today is all about having some rest and watching Netflix. Next week we will be full in sales preparations at work, so busy times are coming closer again... #itneverstops - I hope you've had a lovely Christmas with the ones you love and you ate loads of delicious food. Merry Christmas sweets! #hohoho


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