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Sunday is bakeday...
Since I'm living alone I try several recipes and I also to find the inner 'chef' in me. I've never been a kitchen princess and will never be. But moving out and living on my own defenitely made me want to discover and try out new things.

I'm sure you've all seen the Christmas tree made out of Nutella and puff pastry. Christmas is already over and I just wanted to try something as easy as the tree so I made little Nutella cookies. Nothing special, very basic but so so yummy! And that's the most important.

It's not that difficult as said before but defenitely worth to try:
- Roll out the puff pastry and make circles with a glass,
- Cut a couple of lines in the circle to easy close the pastry and to create a spinning,
- Put some nutella in the centre and close the pastry with a little bit of yolk,
- Finish all of your cookies and put the yolk on top for a nice golden touch.

Put it in the pre-warmed over at 190°C for about 15min. And you will be ready for some happy tea/coffee times.


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