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Students are having their last exams and those working in retail are preparing the last details for the sales to start. But at the other side the vacation months are there within two weeks and the festival season has begun. After starting with Daydream, which I unfortunately couldn't do because of my illness, it's time to start talking about all the upcoming festivals and the one I did two weeks ago for the first time: Extrema Outdoor. Yes it has been two weeks already since Jan (see his IG here) and I went to EO in Houthalen, Limburg. Can we have a pause button please? Cause time needs to stop passing by so fast. Before we notice, summer will be over. #nopleaseno 

About three years ago I went to my first festival ever: Reggae Geel, simply because I love the music and listen to Dancehall, R&B, Reggae and Trapsoul every day and there's no better place where they combine those music styles as at Reggae Geel. The second year we added Antilliaanse Feesten to the list and last year Afro Latino too. But I'm a girl that loves to discover different styles/things and I love to get out of my comfort zone as well. So last year WE CAN DANCE was an extra on the planning and I enjoyed it so much that I was pretty sure I would enjoy a festival such as Extrema Outdoor as well. And yes I did! Even though the music style is totally different as I'm used to, the vibes and lovely people made it all an amazing experience.

The festival was well organized and we ended up at the VIP Parking, only a few minutes walking from the entrance which is located next to a lake. After passing the security control and ticket doors we saw some of the different stages which were decorated with original details and it didn't take long before we found the first drink/food stands with their own cosy corners. And you're all probably wondering why I'm walking around with a donut? Cause the day before it was National Donut Day and no I could miss that without having a big box full of Hoeked Doughnuts. But for example at Aperol you could party at their own private garden party, decorated with oranges in the trees and a lounge corner with a DJ. And at Somersby you got a summer/garden feeling because of the romantic decorated bench and their delicious apple cider. You could even try their new flavor  rhubarb. I was surprised by how good it tasted that I ended up drinking a little too much. #sorrynotsorry So it was time to eat something. Cause we all know that alcohol and warm weather doesn't go well together (yes Cindy, roger that for your next apple cider drink). Burgerij and other food trucks were providing us some good food and there was something for every one for reasonable prices.

Next to food and drinks, which I do understand that they're quite important, they also had a free photo booth, a make up corner and the exclusive pre launch of the Amelie Lens x CKS collection with some awesome sweaters and tees. Right now it's available online and in stores, but if you had an item on the festival side: you were one of the lucky ones of having the first collection items. Missed it? Just visit one of the CKS stores near by or shop online! 

Talking about clothes: for Extrema Outdoor I was completely 'Festival Proof' with clothes designed by O'Rén Official. These two boys, which I already know for years, are making the most amazing sweaters and tee's which are totally matching the festivals this summer. The tee (buy it here) with the text in sequins 'Famous Face' is one of them. It's not sleeveless btw, I just rolled up the sleeves because of the heat. Normally it has short sleeves. And the sweater around my waist with 'Squad Goals' is one of theirs as well. Pretty awesome right? I still have some other designs to show you later on. But in the meantime you can already order your favorite here

And when it comes to shoes, sneakers or sandals are always a good idea and this pair couldn't match my outfit any better. They are from Sacha and you all know that I'm a huge fan of their shoe lines. So be prepared to see more of Sacha on the festival guide. These sneakers with metallic details can be ordered here.

Right know we're preparing everything for Paradise City next weekend and for Summer Festival within two weeks. Who's going to these festivals? Let's meet up :)! The more souls, the more happiness there will be. #squadgoals

This post has been made in collaboration with Somersby, O'ren Official and Extrema Outdoor.

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