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Things you may never forget...
Everytime when I pack my bags to go on a trip or to stay at my friends house for a sleepover, I have to face that big struggle of packing everything. It's always such a challenge to not forget anything that it gives me an instant stressed feeling. I know I will forget something important, it always happens and I always find out too late.

The result? I carry too much stuff with me. Too many outfits and pair of shoes. Because you never know in what kind of mood you are and what you really want to wear that day! The same problem occurs at my make-up bag. 
I just can't forget any hairstyling product (nobody wants a bad hairday) and if I could, I would bring my whole MAC lipstick collection with me. I could, but then I would carry 5make-up bags with me...

To keep everything as organised as possible you need that perfect case. Preferably a case where everything fits in (to avoid all those separated make-up bags) and one that's convenient to use. So the solution? My two new travel mates that I used for the first time during my citytrip in Koln: the ICI PARIS XL vanity case and make-up pouch. Both in a matt, classic fabric and with a lovely touch of snake at the bottom. The details, such as the zips, are in silver. A great contrast with the black!

The VANITY CASE is a big case where you can carry your shampoo, shower gel, hairspray, brushes and even make-up in. Everything is compact in one case and you can even put your products upright to avoid leaks. 
There's also a removable mirror in the Vanity case that you can later on put in the make-up pouch too.

The MAKE UP POUCH obviously says it all: it's for your make-up. It's a smaller case but you can stock all your make-up and even the brushes. Later on, during the trip or day, you can also take the pouch with you in your handbag. The format is designed in such a way that you can carry it with you all the time.

Both of these cases/pouches made my trip to Koln so enjoyable and less stressful as other times during the preparations of my luggage. They're ready to discover the world with me! Thank you ICI PARIS XL for these two miracles... You can get yours at your ICI PARIS XL store or online on their webshop!


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