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We all know the struggle of falling asleep at night due to the bright screens of our mobile phones or the lack of concentration behind our desks because of bad lighting. From now on this is all history as we met Philips Hue last Friday in the historical heart of Antwerp at Hotel Julien. I was so excited because I'm a huge interior fan and due to having Fibromyalgia, I know how hard it can be to fall asleep, to relax at home and to take care of your mind. But sometimes we don't know what to adapt at home to create a zen and relaxing atmosphere in the rooms. Therefor I'm sharing the experience with you as I'm sure some of you will become a fan as well.

Thanks to two workshops and a room decorated with the Philips Hue lights we could experience how the Hue light systems and application really works. It's actually very simple and accessible for everyone because of their app which you can install on your smartphone or tablet. And as it's all about personal needs and preferences, you can just choose what ever shade you like.

1. With the application you install the lights in your home, for example in the Bathroom you select a Hue 'GO' and in your bedroom two Wellner Hue lamps. You can add as many rooms and lights as you desire. For all the models go to the Philips Hue web by clicking here. I'm personally a huge fan of the Hue Go, more about it later.

2. There are endless possibilities in color shades and scenes. And as you might know colors have an impact on your wellbeing in rooms and how good you sleep after being exposed to a certain lighting during the day. For example Red which will give you more energy. Yellow will help you with digestion problems and avoids depression. Blue is for a zen effect and green is for power which can stimulate your grow hormons and reinforce the muscles. Purple is perfect to help you fall asleep and Orange stimulates creativity. Crazy isn't it? With the Hue you can even select different shades of white that are especially created for 'concentration', 'reading', 'falling asleep' etc. Ideal for people that experience problems to fall asleep after being exposed to bright screens as I mentioned before. And if you want to be remembered to that perfect beach holiday or relaxing walk in the woods: upload a picture of it and the app will adapt your light to the picture to give you the same feelings again. Say Hello to Malaga-athmospheres in Belgium!

But now I hear you all thinking; does it really works? Well, that's why we tested it and the answer is YES. The first workshop was a Kundalini yoga session with Goedele Leyssen. We combined the exercises with a matching color and you could see how it boosted the energy or desired feeling. It was at the same time my first yoga experience as well and I have to say that if there's one in Mechelen, I will definitely follow it. And I can bring my Hue 'GO' with me then! The second workshop was a creative one and we could design our own lamps. A picture of it is shown in the recap.

The ultimate test was in our own rooms. I had two Wellner lamps next to my bed, a Hue Go in the bathroom combined with lighting strips underneath the sink, a lamp to read next to the coach and another Wellner next to the fireplace. During the day you can already feel the ambiance it gives to the rooms and how it helps you to concentrate with work (see my IG picture here). At the end of the event, during the evening, the colors were becoming more alive and thanks to the soft green shade in my bedroom I wasn't stimulated to stay awake. I can guarantee you that I fell asleep immediately and I slept so good that I now have a Wellner lamp next to my bed as well. For the bathroom I chose a pink shade to relax and it's the Hue 'GO' lamp as you see here. You can take it anywhere you like after charging. Perfect for during the night when you need a little bathroom visit and you don't want to be blinded by the lights or on your terrace during a cosy BBQ evening with friends.

We ended the event with a nice drink on the rooftop terrace which was of course decorated with the Philips Hue lights as well and now I can't wait to install some on my terrace as well for the upcoming summer nights. Did you see how amazing it is to see all those colors during the night reflecting on the parasol? And if you want you can link it with your music for the perfect disco lighting.

Take another time to discover all the different Philips Hue products here and I'm sure your life style will change forever after having these at home!

This post has been made in collaboration with Philips Hue.

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  1. Jaloers op uw fotos!! (die Hue lampen heb ik al in mn interieur geinstalleerd haha!)


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