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The importance of accessories has really been underestimated when creating an outfit. Wearing the right jewelry and finding that perfect matching handbag is quite a challenge for a lot of people. You can find jewelry, watches, scarves,... in all colors and shapes you want! We don't spend enough time to make everything match and even I, yes I admit, don't take the time it needs to look for it. Most of the time I go for black. Just because it's timeless and suitable with every look. I would rather spend some extra money on a beautiful (for life time) black designer handbag than spending it on several colorful models.

And while talking about handbags, I can't wait to add my beautiful birthday wishlist-bag to the collection to make it complete. Even though I shouldn't even add it (enough possibilities). On the other hand jewelry isn't my best friend. I don't wear it often or almost never and watches are since a year very important to me.

Since I discovered the Daniel Wellington watches I found it amazing to combinate the watches with my looks, just as much as I love to play with the different handbags. The DW watches joined my collection a couple of years ago for the first time and one month ago I added the leather black version. Next to my love for DW, I also received the opportunity to blog for Guess Watches. I'm doing this for almost 2years now and it's such a great opportunity to show my love for it even more.

To share my love you all receive -15% discount by using the code 'AFTERWORK' on the Daniel Wellington webshop. Time is money sweets! 


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