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I've been searching for YOU!
Five years of blogging, five full years of shooting products, outfit posts and events. Everything was caught on camera and without my sweet mom, I would've missed a lot of memories. She took my outfit pictures and I always shooted the moments backstage (product, events,..) It's not only important to shoot beautiful pictures to show on the blog, also staying original and unique with poses/looks, was a full time job during those years.

Now that I've started this new blog project I'm also looking for a new challenge when it comes to photography. 

I want the pictures to be more original, special and relative to the blog. And therefor I need some help! Even though I love photography so much (I couldn't live without my camera), shooting myself is quite difficult when you're travelling alone or when you start living alone. That's why I've been looking for YOU. Someone that wants to accept the challenge and start shooting the best looks, events and places, with me. You love photography as much as I do? You love to take the best out of yourself to create the most amazing results? You aren't afraid of travelling, events and discovering the world? Than it's YOU that I need!

Send me an e-mail on theafterworkblog(at)gmail.com with a little text why you would love to work together with me. If you have experience in photography and how you would see the collaboration. Ofcourse there will be small compensation, but don't forget that travelling with me and going to events is a great recompense too. 
Imporant info: I live in between Antwerp and Brussels. So living around that area would be perfect!

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  1. Jammer dat je niet echt bij mij in de buurt woont, anders had ik het graag willen doen!
    Suc6 met het vinden van een fotograaf! :)

  2. Erg leuke blog heb je! En leuk dat je iemand zoekt. Het lijkt mij super leuk om te doen en ben dol op fotografie, maar helaas woon ik niet in België. Succes met je zoektocht!

  3. Ik zou het graag doen, woon zelf in Antwerpen en heel veel bezig met fotografie. maar helaas vertrek ik mid-September naar Engeland voor 4 maanden (om fotografie te studeren dan nog wel). Mocht je me toch nog willen contacteren, email is smeyers.christine@gmail.com.

    1. Hey Christine
      Bij interesse mag je me altijd mailen op bovenstaand vernoemd adres. Met info over jezelf en hoe je de samenwerking zou zien!



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